Office Mastermind


Thank you for considering a Mastermind with Ryan Hodge

The Momentum Masterminds is an Evening Event designed to support your agents and possibly enrol new agents into your organization. The last event I did had 30 percent of the attendees from outside the brokerage. It is up to you whether you want to promote the event internally or externally. 

This is a 6pm to 8pm session and all I need from you is the following:
1. Venue(Your Office or Elsewhere) 
2. Whiteboard or Flipchart 
3. Event address, full company name, company logo and contact name for event and registration so my admin team can design a flyer for you and I to both market accordingly. 
4. 2 nearby hotels as I will likely stay the night after. 
5. A table and chair for my admin partner to set up. 
This is a collaboration and highly engaging session versus a speaking seminar. I do not sell anything at the session or in my presentation however we will ensure people have access to our information and I will bring some books for those interested afterwards. I will also stay to do a Free signing of any books that are purchased. 
I will also stay beyond 8pm for Q and A as needed. 
My purpose is to contribute at the highest level possible to your organization.
Ideally the event is Tuesday evening as we’ve found these to be the most beneficial. 
Note: Venues outside of Ontario are subject to travel fee. 
Bookings based on Ryan’s availability. 

"Book Ryan For A Mastermind"

Ryan will facilitate a 2 Hour Session at your office.