Top Real Estate Professional Masters His Mindset & Sells Over 100 Homes in First Full Year : Interview w/ Ryan Hodge

On GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, Ryan Hodge joins the show for ROUND 2 of being a guest on GSD Mode! Ryan is an absolute savage when it comes to real estate… he sold over 100 homes in his first year as an agent! But he was still missing fulfillment. This led him to author the best-selling book, The Integrity Vow. Now, Ryan helps other real estate agents and entrepreneurs really find their purpose in life so they can live happy, healthy, and wealthy lives. IF you are a real estate agent looking to make more money while also generating more happiness, check this on out! Joshua and Ryan dig deep, there is priceless information in here!


0:01 - Introduction

6:15 - Interview Start

8:20 - 100 Deals in your first year?!

11:30 - Do you have Bots in your business to generate leads or how do you do that?

16:30 - Advice you would give to people looking to be intentional with their friend requests

20:50 - What brought up your fitness journey?

25:00 - How important is mastering your mindset?

32:00 - What’s a good way to start transitioning into meditation and self care?

37:00 - Ryan’s Book

39:00 - How do people get in line with their spirit?

43:30 - Can you elaborate on your self-care and how important that is?

47:00 - You have to be selfish when it comes to your health

50:00 - Do you see yourself spreading this beyond real estate?

54:20 - 2 pieces of advice Ryan would give his younger self