Real Estate Sales Coaching


This is a 12 week program that will take you through the exact steps, strategies and principals to help you achieve your personal sales goal and commitment. Your 12 week coaching and accountability program will focus on the following: :


  1. Goal Setting and Commitment Requirements To Your Specific Office Goal
  2. Net Profit Budget Modeling and Expense Analysis
  3. Time Management and Laser Focused Recruit Generation Activity
  4. Mindset Mastery Series
  5. Contact Management Systems and How to Create an Automatic Recruiting Machine
  6. Creating The Ultimate Follow Up Systems
  7. Relevant Scripts and Conversion Technique Series
  8. Positioning Yourself as the Most Competent Leader in your marketplace
  9. Using Facebook and Social Media To Create a Pipeline of Referrals
  10. Repeat and Referral Systems Designed For You
  11. Learn Why Clients Choose Another Agent
  12. Declaration of commitments and supportive accountability that facilitates change and growth
  13. Online Lead Generation Systems that get results
  14. Systems To Attract and Engage with Today’s Internet Empowered Sales Associate
  15. Buyer Presentations That Establish Commitment
  16. Commission Techniques To Increase Your Value In Any Market
  17. Learn why Real Estate Professionals Choose Another Brokerage
  18. Online Price Reduction Presentations That Will Have Your Clients Calling You First
  19. Power Branding and Geographical Farming Strategies That Work
  20. How To Prospect In Today’s Society and Use The Communication Mirror Principal
  21. How To Build a Team To Leverage More Time and Make More Money In One Calendar Year



12 Week Coaching And Accountability Training For Real Estate Sales Agents

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Ryan will facilitate a 2 Hour Session at your office.